Shipment Consolidation

Shipment Consolidation and Partial Shipping:

Over many years, Hamza provides its services in partial freight LCL and consolidation of shipments for goods and purchases from the UAE to the world and vice versa within the organized and scheduled services between the Emirates and the world.

As it is known about partial shipping, it is an effective system for small and medium shipments that form part of the container, so that the use of partial shipping constitutes a saving in shipping costs and gives full flexibility to meet your desires and needs in the shipping process, and although it needs more time, it is an effective and competitive solution For air freight.

What is LCL / LTL Partial Shipping?

Partial ocean freight LCL

Hamza provides this service via sea freight from Dubai and the UAE via Jebel Ali port to most of the world’s ports and cities, as the partial freight and shipment consolidation system depends on shipping the customer’s goods in a part of the container with several other shipments that are collected in Hamza’s warehouse and then sent in A shared container to its destination, this means that your shipment is combined with other shipments destined for the same destination.

Usually, the cost is calculated for the shipment in cubic meters, meaning that you pay for the volume, not a fixed price as for shipping the full container.

When shipping from China to the UAE or South Korea or from Dubai, for example, you can shop at any time and place without being bound by sending a full special container waiting to be assembled for a long time.

Partial land freight LTL

Through the consolidation of shipments and sending them by land freight from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

You do not need to worry about your shipments, as the specialized Hamza team will deliver them to you wherever your destination is from the UAE to the Gulf countries and the Middle East or in Europe, Canada, America, China, Asia whether it is via sea freight from China, Thailand, Malaysia South Korea, Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states, the Middle East.

Advantages of partial shipping service and shipment consolidation at Hamza:

  • Quick in delivery and in the process of receiving and collecting goods and shipments in the company’s warehouses and completing all customs transactions for them, which meets your desires
  • Providing a special line to collect shipments and sea freight from China to the UAE as well as the countries of Asia.
  • Termination of all procedures and permits required for various types of shipments when exported from the UAE or imported.
  • Striving to achieve the customers’ goal by shortening the arrival time at the lowest costs.
  • Providing trained technical workers to load and unload shipments professionally to ensure their safety.
  • A team of professionals specialized in the field of shipping in addition to our network in all Gulf countries, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.
  • Facilitating the process of international trade between the Emirates and all cities and ports of the world.
  • Provides packaging and packing services.
  • Cargo insurance service, according to customer requirements.
  • Regular flight dates and specific arrival dates with the ability to track shipments.
  • Providing temporary storage services and collecting your purchases in Hamza warehouses and the possibility of preparing the necessary documents to start the shipping process to your destination in various countries of the world.